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Ben y Ariana

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Some tips to keep in mind as you read & write.  

1)  Remember we are all learning here!  You will see mistakes in each other's writing.  Learn from them!

2)  Try to include 2 or 3 questions for your ePal in each exchange to keep the conversation going.

3) Use different colors to keep track of who is who.

4) You can also share images/photos to illustrate your contributions.

5)  Always remember to click on "edit" to make changes and "save" to not lose any work!


1st exchange: introduce yourself (in English)


Hi Ariana, my name is Ben and I am thirteen years old and I go to Dover-Sherborn Middle School. I have a brother and a sister who are 9 and 15 years old. Also, I have a dog named Colby, who is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a poodle. We have a great school here in Dover and I enjoy learning from my teachers and students. I like many things in these towns and I love living here. I hope one day that I can visit Argentina because it is a very beautiful destination. How many students are in your school? Do you have any siblings and how old are they? Do you have any pets? 











2nd exchange: write about your daily routine. (in Spanish)


Mi rutina de la manana es:

Yo me levanto a las 6:10. Tambien, yo comer mi desayuno y cepillarse. A las 6:55 yo subo a el autobus por mi escuela. Despues de el autobus, yo entender n la escuela.

Mi rutina de la tarde es:

Despues de la escuela, yo voy a mi casa de el autobus. Tambien, en mi casa yo hacer mi tarea, y comer un tentempie.


3rd exchange: write about your likes and dislikes: sports, hobbies, ambitions, etc. (in English)


I like to play sports and hang out with friends and family. My favorite sports are basketball and tennis, but I also like skiing in the winter. I play basketball and tennis every year, and I practice them a lot each week. Also, I like to read at home, and watch Netflix and sports. Also, my favorite sport to watch is American football. I like hanging with my friends and family and doing a lot of different things.


4th exchange: write about your country/city. Places that are worthwhile to visit, customs, climate, people, food and whatever you think is interesting to share. (in Spanish)

Boston es un bueno y divertido ciudad. Puedes ver muchos diferentes atracciones y es muy divertido. Muchos rascacielos en Boston y es muy interesante. Cerca de Boston puedes das una caminata. Tambien puedes visitar muchos diferentes museos y es muy emocianodo. Nuestro ciudad es muyhistorico y es muy educativo.


5th exchange: free topic.



I like to travel to many different places but I have yet to leave the country. Although, this February my family and I will be leaving the country for the first time! Estoy desiando que viajar de el caribe y es muy emocianodo. Antes de el vuelo, necesito un maleta y boletos. 



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Arianna Aguirre said

at 9:08 pm on Oct 29, 2016

Hi Ben! My name is Arianna i am fourteen years old . I have not brothers and sisters . I love sports I do gymnastics .My school is Madre Cabrini and there are lot of people and teachers . I have got a dog his name is Pucky is a hoy dog.In 2018 i am going to travel USA, Miami

Arianna Aguirre said

at 9:09 pm on Oct 29, 2016


Arianna Aguirre said

at 9:15 pm on Oct 29, 2016


Yo me levanto a las 6:30 desayuno y me cepillos los dientes despues me cambio para ir a la escuela y me voy en auto con mis padres . A la tarde voy a gimnasia deportiva y despues me voy al instituto de ingles. Vuelvo a mi casa tipo 8:30 hago la tarea , me baño , como , me cepillo los dientes y me voy a dormir

Ben said

at 10:49 am on Nov 8, 2016

Hello Arriana! Do you have a hot dog as a pet? Also, how long have you been in gymnastics?

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