Ryan y Paula

Some tips to keep in mind as you read & write.  

1)  Remember we are all learning here!  You will see mistakes in each other's writing.  Learn from them!

2)  Try to include 2 or 3 questions for your ePal in each exchange to keep the conversation going.

3) Use different colors to keep track of who is who.

4) You can also share images/photos to illustrate your contributions.

5)  Always remember to click on "edit" to make changes and "save" to not lose any work!


1st exchange: introduce yourself (in English)


Hi Paula, my name is Ryan and I am thirteen years old. I have an older sister named Delaney, she is sixteen and is driving a car.  Do you have any siblings? Whats the name of your school? I go to Dover-Sherborn Middle school. Do you have any pets? I wish I had a dog, but my parents would not let me. Also, I think Argentina is a very beautiful and very warm, unlike where I live in Massachusetts, it is very cold.


2nd exchange: write about your daily routine. (in Spanish)


Mi ruta diaria antes de escuela es usualmente me despierto a las seis y media. Entonces me ducho .


Hola Ryan. Mi rutina comienza a las 9:30 de la mañana, después de levantarme desayuno y me cepillo los dientes. A las diez y media me visto y me voy en auto a la escuela.



3rd exchange: write about your likes and dislikes: sports, hobbies, ambitions, etc. (in English)


I like to play and watch sports. my favorite sports to play are lacrosse and soccer (Futbol). My favorite sport to watch is american football, and my favorite team is the New England Patriots. I also like to watch basketball, and my favorite team is the Boston Celtics. I would say I am very athletic and sociable. On the weekends, I mostly hang with my friends. We go to a place called Jamison Field, where we play american football or soccer (Futbol).  I also enjoy watching Netflix and movies. Whats your favorite sport? Do you play? Do you like Messi?


4th exchange: write about your country/city. Places that are worthwhile to visit, customs, climate, people, food and whatever you think is interesting to share. (in Spanish)


Mi ciudad, Boston es en Massachusetts. Es no grande, pero la pobalacion es grande. En Boston hay un museo, Museo De Ciencias. 


5th exchange: free topic.



I love traveling around the world. I have been to Europe, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico and some U.S states.