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Sabrina, Emma y Micaela (redirected from Amy y Emma)

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Some tips to keep in mind as you read & write.  

1)  Remember we are all learning here!  You will see mistakes in each other's writing.  Learn from them!

2)  Try to include 2 or 3 questions for your ePal in each exchange to keep the conversation going.

3) Use different colors to keep track of who is who.

4) You can also share images/photos to illustrate your contributions.

5)  Always remember to click on "edit" to make changes and "save" to not lose any work!


1st exchange: introduce yourself (in English)


Hello! My name is Sabrina. I am 13 years old and I am in 8th grade. I live in Dover but some of my friends are from Sherborn. I am in 8th grade. What grade are you in? I have one older brother in 9th grade and my family and I have one dog. Her name is Dixie. Do you have any pets? Do you have any siblings?


2nd exchange: write about your daily routine. (in Spanish)


Yo levanto a las 6:25 en la manana. Despues, yo me cepillo los dientes. Yo me cepillo mi pello tambien. Yo camino a la autobus para ir a la escuela. Yo estudio en mi clases y despues yo voy a mi casa. Cuando yo estoy en mi casa yo camino con mi perro. Y tambien, muchos dias, yo voy a patinar. Y muchas veces en el invierno, yo tengo el basquetbol tambien. Despues, yo hago mi tarea. Y despues yo voy a dormir.


3rd exchange: write about your likes and dislikes: sports, hobbies, ambitions, etc. (in English)


My two favorite sports are skating and basketball. I skate all year round but only play basketball in the fall and winter. I am excited for tomorrow so the citizens of our country can see who the new president will be! I am also excited for Christmas! What holidays do you celebrate? I hope to become a lawyer when I grow up. What do you want to be?


4th exchange: write about your country/city. Places that are worthwhile to visit, customs, climate, people, food and whatever you think is interesting to share. (in Spanish)



5th exchange: free topic.





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