Ella y Fabrizio

Some tips to keep in mind as you read & write.  

1)  Remember we are all learning here!  You will see mistakes in each other's writing.  Learn from them!

2)  Try to include 2 or 3 questions for your ePal in each exchange to keep the conversation going.

3) Use different colors to keep track of who is who.

4) You can also share images/photos to illustrate your contributions.

5)  Always remember to click on "edit" to make changes and "save" to not lose any work!


1st exchange: introduce yourself (in English)


Hi! My name is Ella Sullivan I live in Sherborn Massachusetts. I have 3 older brothers and a dog. My dog is a brown lab. I go to dover Sherborn middle school and i'm in 8th grade. I am 13 years old and I have brown hair and brown eyes. 



This is what my dog looks like!

hi Ella my name is fabrizio luis dana. I live in argentina (rosario).I have got a older sister and a older brother .I have got a dog and it name is luky .it is a coquer. I am   14 years old

and I have brown eyes and hair 


Cool! So glad that you responded!



2nd exchange: write about your daily routine. (in Spanish)


Hola ella!!!!!!!!

Mi rutina es muy apretada me levanto a las 6 :30 me lavo los dientes tomo el desalluno y voy a mi escuela a las 7:20 .vuelvo a las 12:45 hago mi tarea y juegos video juegos luego voy a taekuondo a las 6:45 y vuelvo a las 8 me vaƱo y me voy a dormir



3rd exchange: write about your likes and dislikes: sports, hobbies, ambitions, etc. (in English)


Hello again Fabrizio!

I Really enjoy field hockey and gymnastics. I also love to bike around my road with my friends and I also like to read in my free time. I enjoy science and social studies class. But science is my favorite. What is your favorite subject? The picture is of one of my favorite gymnasts Laurie Hernandez she was in the olympics.  What are your favorite activities? Did you watch the olympics over the summer?!?

Image result for field hockeyImage result for gymnastics







4th exchange: write about your country/city. Places that are worthwhile to visit, customs, climate, people, food and whatever you think is interesting to share. (in Spanish)


Mi ciudad eso es cerca de mi casa es Boston. Boston es un muy bonito ciudad. Tienen muchos actividades en Boston. Un attaction esel Public garden


5th exchange: free topic.




How is school what is your favorite subject. I hear that you have summer soon! that's exciting! My summer starts in the middle of June.  What are you doing over your summer?! Are you going to any camps?