Lynna y Zoe

Some tips to keep in mind as you read & write.  

1)  Remember we are all learning here!  You will see mistakes in each other's writing.  Learn from them!

2)  Try to include 2 or 3 questions for your ePal in each exchange to keep the conversation going.

3) Use different colors to keep track of who is who.

4) You can also share images/photos to illustrate your contributions.

5)  Always remember to click on "edit" to make changes and "save" to not lose any work!


1st exchange: introduce yourself (in English)


Hi Zoe!

My name is Lynna and I live in Sherborn. I go to Dover Sherborn Middle School and I am in eighth grade. I have two younger sisters and one younger brother. Do you have any sisters or brothers? I have two parakeets and four chickens. Do you have any pets or siblings? What grade are you in? I look forward to hearing from you! 



Hi lynna!!

I live in rosario-Argentina.i go to san francisco solano School, I am in 7 grade. I have one sister her name is victoria. I have three dogs, they names are Lola,Peter and Homer. I sorry for not writing before.





2nd exchange: write about your daily routine. (in Spanish)


Mi Rutina de la Maana

Yo me levanto a las 6:00. Me cepillo los dientes, me cepillo el pelo, me lavo la cara, y me pongo la ropa. A las 6:20, yo como desayuno y hago mi mochila. A las 6:35, voy a la parada de autobus de escuela. Llego a la escuela a las 7:15.

Hola Lynna!!

Mi rutina comienza a las 9:00, me cepillo los dientes,me lavo la cara y desayuno a las 9:15. Luego a las 9:45 me voy a bañar , a las 11:00 almuerzo. A las 13:00 me voy a la escuela y a las 18:00 vuelvo.A las 6:30 me tengo que ir a el instituto de ingles asi que tengo que merendar rapido jajaja. Vuelvo de ingles a las 20:00,ceno y me voy a dormir.

Me gustaria saber mas de vos!



3rd exchange: write about your likes and dislikes: sports, hobbies, ambitions, etc. (in English)


I have many likes and a few dislikes. My favorite sport is swimming. I swim everyday in the summer. I also like chocolate and pizza. I usually like playing piano. My favorite color is blue. I like hanging out with my friends too. Some of my hobbies are baking and making art. I like all subjects at school. I like reading and watching TV in my free time.

Some things I don't like are raw onions, getting tired, being late, and getting stressed.

What are some of your likes and dislikes?


Hi Lynna!!

My favorite sport is volley,my favorite pets is dog,i love it!,my favorite subject is sciences,my favorite food is pizza and my free time i like watch a series "the walking dead" and my dislike are onions,insects and maths.

Bye zoe😙



4th exchange: write about your country/city. Places that are worthwhile to visit, customs, climate, people, food and whatever you think is interesting to share. (in Spanish)



¡Hola Zoe!
Yo vivo en un pueblo pequeño se llama Sherborn. Sherborn está en el este de Massachusetts y está cerca de el ciudad de Boston. Se puede hacer muchos actividades en Boston. Se puede visitar los museos, dar unas caminatas, y ver las atracciones. 

Éste es un foto de Boston:Image result for boston

¡Adios Zoe!


5th exchange: free topic.